Matiosh is supporting Pies.

Matiosh is supporting Pies.


PIES means “feet” in Spanish! Pies is taking steps towards a brighter future and development in poverty stricken areas throughout Central and South America. Currently, one of the focal points is the Petén jungle of Guatemala where the PIES program covers a full primary, secondary and vocational education. The motto is “Better education and Better nutrition for a Better Life!”

PIES began as an educational incentive for success. It all started because of the extreme poverty in remote parts of Guatemala. In 1999 PIES opened a small jungle school with 15 students who came on foot. Some walking over 2.5 hours each way. It was necessary to give incentives like backpacks, shoes and books so that parents would allow their children to come to school. Most parents at that time could not read or write.

Because they didn’t have an education themselves, they didn’t know what their children were missing. After more than a decade the level of appreciation has greatly risen, parents are taking an interest in the school and valuing education for the future of their children. Sponsors are making this change possible! The Jungle School has grown from the original 15 children who came walking, to over 250 today who ride buses.

Matiosh is proud to support the jungle school in Petén. More information can be found on

On behalf of the kids from the jungle school in Petén, Matiosh!